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  • ember-test-selectors
  • ember-cli-page-object

Increase robustness of your test suite


The Problem

Using CSS selectors in tests

  • Selecting elements via CSS can be brittle. We are selecting elements based on something that could change.
  • The purpose of CSS classes are styling, not testing.


Tell me more...

  • Use HTML5 data attributes for your elements
  • Provides a testSelector function - you provide a data attribute and it returns the element
  • Strips out the attributes on production builds (can override via the build file)
  • Does some heavy lifting for data attributes and components for you, just pass a data test attribute and you're done


This test looks at a collection of usage charges and asserts

Template Changes:

Re-written Test:

0 dependencies on CSS classes!


  • Less brittle tests, since they are no longer dependent on CSS classes
  • Can be used with integration or acceptance tests
  • Really easy to implement
  • Great docs and resources online



"The main idea behind this pattern is to encapsulate in an object the page or component structure being tested, hiding the details of its HTML structure and exposing only the semantic structure of the page."

Create an object that represents your page/component and expose props/methods to interact with it.

Automation Testing

  • Our automation tests follow this pattern, because it allows for a clean interface with your pages
  • When adding new functionality, you add it to your page object and expose methods of interacting with the element(s)
  • Keeps your test files really clean and specific to tests versus test setup or interacting with multiple elements for an expected result

Example Page Object

Example of Test


  • Create objects that model your pages and expose ways of interacting with your UI
  • Helps increase robustness of tests, so you only have to make changes in one spot to particular flows
  • Plays nice with ember-test-selectors (so far... although I ran out of time getting the 'collection' to work)


That's all folks'
Any questions?